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Clark Road Project
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Clark Road Project ~ INFO   

Many people are surprised to learn that the Clark Road Project is still a threat, thinking that it was defeated several years ago. Please be aware that, though it was brought to a halt, it has resurfaced in an altered form and is very much alive. Other proposed developments, such as the Forest Green Project are also gathering momentum.

Some salient facts include:

The size of the CRP subdivision is 144 acres, where the developers intend to build a total of 171 single-family homes on large (9,000 sq. ft.) lots (phases 1 and 2).

There would be 9 parcels of 5-12 acre size at the top for custom homes (phase 3)

600,000 cubic yards of soil will be moved in surface grading and an undisclosed amount of soil will be excavated and re-compacted to create buried landfill buttresses. All vegetation and trees will be destroyed during the remanufacture of the hillside.

A major creek system will be buried under 60 ft of fill with houses to be built upon it. A manmade watercourse with mosquito breeding, high maintenance retention ponds will replace" it.

Residents will be forced to endure 2-3 years of construction noise and diesel fumes, airborne dirt during the windy summer months, mud during the winters and the inevitable congestion of the main traffic arteries through the valley.

Decisions on the size and scope of the grading and hillside "stabilization", roadway grading, and the amount of impact on adjacent areas will be made after destruction has begun.

The existence of geologic faults that may cross the development site further complicates the plan for hillside stabilization.

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