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Clark Road Project ~ FAQ   

Q. I thought the East Bay Regional Park District owned that land. The trail goes through it.
A. Though it has a right-of-passage on it, the EBRPD does not own the first part of the Clark Road Trail. There are three gates on the trail and the EBRPD's land starts after the last one, about 300 feet (the steepest part) before the crest of the hill.

Q. Who does own it?
A. The development rights are owned by the Kaiway Investment Company, located in Burlingame. We are trying to determine their level of responsibility and experience in the large-scale development arena. No information about them can be found on the Internet.

Q. Is the CRP unincorporated?
A. No, it's part of Richmond, as are most of the little fingers of development running up the hill.

Q. What's in it for El Sobrante?
A. Unless you are fond of dust, noise, and traffic, not much.

Q. In the spring and summer (the construction seasons) the winds are really fierce and almost incessant here. One would think that all this earth movement would create an enormous amount of dust. Would something be done to mitigate this?
A. Not really. There is a plan to keep the dirt in a pile which is supposed to minimize the amount of dust in the air, but it's hard to see how it could affect the amount of dust that will be kicked up during the demolition of the hillside.

Q. What about the residents of the Live Oak Living Center and the kids at the East Bay Waldorf School - is anything going to be done to protect them from the dust?
A. Nothing. In fact, the Live Oak Living Center was not informed of the re-application for development as required by law - they had no idea until we called them. Neither were many of the residents whose property abuts the site - some who were active in challenging the last proposal. The developers are required to inform ALL residents living within 300 feet of the site.

Q. Isn't there a danger of landslides and subsidence? Won't that increase with severe weather(such as the winter of 1998, when the slump occurred)which seems to be growing more frequent? And won't an earthquake during that time have potentially catastrophic consequences?
A. We think so. The engineers think they have found the solution to building on this notoriously unstable soil. One presumes they also had "solved" it before building at Carriage Hills - however, that site has experienced some serious instability.

Q. Why was the last CRP proposal defeated?
A. It was struck down by the court because the developer's proposal was inconsistent with the City of Richmond's General Plan. The city has updated the General Plan, and the developers are preparing a new proposal. It's important to be aware that the court did not strike it down for reason of merit, but for reasons of procedure.

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